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Ester Krumbachová
Art script for the film "All My Good Countrymen"
Typewritten text, transparent paper
Year Archived

Ester Krumbachová Archive


Translation of image 5, page 6

The color of sand overpowers everything, we know nothing about the sky or the spatial configuration of the sandy area – just gnawed-out sections of the mass of sand and then, piled up, sand, sand, and more sand. Nothing else. No information to give. All that’s important is the mine explosion and the love between the Merry Widow. and Bertin.If the men have red rags (they could just wave their hands – it doesn’t matter at all), it’ll be Turkey red dye clumped to a brown color. Not red. Lampa, František, and Fyrk are in their previous uniforms: black, washed-out blue, and terra cotta.The other men who have appeared, all in brown and black.The Merry Widow – ochre and black, hair pozzuoli. Bertin dark blue.When the Merry Widow’s skirt hikes up a bit in the sand, we see white thigh and a piece of sweet pink half-slip or underwear. Next to her and Bertin, a rusty wheelbarrow.An explosion, and the Merry Widow’s leg rings out in harmony.